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Pitch Black is a new sensory experience, but with one BIG twist! It's in complete darkness!


Launch date: November 2016

London, UK




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Enjoy a warm welcome reception before entering the unknown.

In keeping with the same principals as before, The project boldly aims to shift the focus solely on the facets of flavour, aroma and mouthfeel as opposed to presentation. 

Dismiss any fears you have about being cast into a disorienting dark den, as guests will initially enter a warmly lit space, be formally introduced to their server and have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their surroundings before the lights go down. At lights out, staff and patrons are invited to remain communicative, discussing the festival of herbaceous, sweet, savoury and floral treats set before them.  


Entry to 'Pitch Black' is strictly on a bookings only basis, where tickets may be purchased via 'Design My Night' or under the 'bookings' tab on this website.  Allocated time slots of 90 minutes are available for what is a fully experimental experience.  A multi-sensory adventure unlike any other, it’s the perfect outing for big groups of friends or couples. 


Developed by drink industry veteran Lee Baker who brings a wealth of knowledge accumulated through running and owning some of the most feted bars in London and producing connections that have graced the pages of lifestyle glossies. 

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pitch black

You can find us in Central, East London & Liverpool.  The location is strictly confidential, and only revealed upon making a reservation.



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